with great features comes great FAQ's

1.How does one start Using the application?

You can follow this link , fill in the information and you can start using the InOut Application.


2.How many offices or employees can be added to the system?

InOut is a subscription based model, based on what plan you subscribe for the stores and employees can be added.


3.How long will take to set up the application after I sign up?

The setup process will be completed in a simple 4 steps.

Your organisation is set up as soon as you sign up. You can even start taking attendance and monitoring your employees as soon as you add them.

Adding Employees

1.How to add the employees?
Our Web application provides an easy way of adding employees. All you have to do is go to Master >> Click Add Employee >> Fill all the required Fields and the employee gets created.


2.Can we specify roles, Location, Designation and Department?

InOut application gives you a unique way of creating roles, location and department specific to your organisation. Once these are configured, they will list when you are creating an Employee.


3. What if the employee is supposed to work at different locations in a month?

The application gives the ability to assign multiple offices to employees. While giving an attendance he can mention which office he is in. The deviations will then be calculated based on his selections.


4.What happens when an employee leaves?

The employee can be made InActive from the web app. He will no longer be able to give attendance and will not list in attendance reports.


 5.How many Employees can be added?

The number of Employees to be added is all specific to your chosen subscription plan. Once you have reached the limit you can contact our admin team, they will help with increasing the limit.

Adding Stores

1.How to add the Offices?

Our Web application provides an easy way of adding stores.. All you have to do is go to Master >>Select Offices tab >> Add Offices >> Fill all the required Fields and the offices will get created


2. How do we specify the exact location of the Office?

While adding the Office, you can either specify the address of the office and we reverse geocode the location for you. Or  if you know the Latitude and Longitude, you can specify them. In the mobile app, we provide a feature to set bounds to the address. You can set the exact lat long of the office by walking around the store. This is very accurate and is recommended.


3.What happens when a office location changes?

You will be able to recalibrate the location change in our application. All the attendance taken after the update will consider the updated location and not the old one.


4. How many offices can be added?

The number of offices to be added is all specific to your subscription plan. Once you have reached the limit you can contact our admin team, they will help with increasing the limit.

Taking an Attendance

1.Where can I download the mobile app?

The InOut app is available on both PlayStore  and AppStoreClick on the link to download the APP.


2.How Is the attendance recorded?

InOut is a simple selfie based attendance app. The attendance can be recorded with a simple selfie.


3. What is a KIOSK mode?

Our app runs on two modes. KIOSK and Individual. The KIOSK mode can be used where all your employees can give attendance from one single phone. It has a feature to recognise everyone in the office with a single device


  4.What is a Individual Mode?

This is one of the modes for our app to run. In this mode the application is registered to one single user and only the registered user can take an attendance.

This mode is usually used for employees who are supposed to travel during work hours.

Face Recognition

1.How do we know who is taking attendance?

The Application has a very unique face recognition feature, where when a selfie is clicked, it will match with the employee database and recognise the employee.

This is highly accurate and is even able to distinguish between identical twins.


2.What should you do when your face doesn’t get recognised?

If your face doesn’t get recognised, we provide you an option to upload the current picture. This will be added to the employee database to enable better results the next time around.


3.Does the app work when offline?

When the app is running in individual mode, all the data will stored locally and once the internet connection is back it will be synced. But in case of KIOSK mode, since multiple people needed to be recognised we don’t provide an offline feature.

Missed Attendance

1.What happens when I miss out on recording my attendance?

You don’t need to fret if you haven’t recorded your attendance. Our mobile app lets employees record missed attendance.

Though the missed attendance will only be considered after the admin approves the attendance.


1.What are daily Reports?

The application provides you with three kinds of reports. Daily Reports is one of them. This is basically the Login and logout timings of your employees for the selected date. This also includes work timings across different shifts and a consolidated total of the hours worked across shifts in a day.


2. What are monthly Shift Wise Reports?

Monthly Shift wise reports give you the detailed day wise breakup of the hours worked in each shift.


 3. What are monthly reports?

Based on the working hour configurations for half day and full day, reports in terms of Present(P), Absent (A) , Half Day (H) will be shown for the whole month.


 4. How do I access the reports?

The web app has a section to export reports, you can go there, choose what type of reports you would like to view. Select the range for your report and then view or download them directly.

On Demand Live Tracking

1.Are employees tracked all the time?

No, we don’t track the employees all the time. On the admins demand we will be able to show the employees current location.
The employees current location can only be found during organisation working hours.
Also, to know the current location of the employee he should be logged IN.
Once the employee Logs out we will not be able to provide the live location.

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